24 November, 2013

We're back! Not that we ever left, but our computer has been reinstalled after a busy renovation and now we finally have the opportunity to update the website. In 1,5 years quite a few things have happened in our kennel, but we will stick to the (kennel-related) changes and occurrences.

First off, our Gail has moved to Belgium. Mossie was recently promoted to Open class and will give her best to qualify for next year's Continental championships. We also have a new addition to our kennel, Conquest Clyde (a.k.a Tycho), who after passing his health tests will hopefully become our first home-bred stud dog in quite some time.

Furthermore, the qualifiers of the WT 2014 have finished successfully for Kate and Black, who are now in the team to represent the Netherlands in Scotland next year.

Congratulations to Mossie's litter brother Conquest Sweep, who with his handler Marcel Peeters, recently got placed for the Belgian team for the WT 2014!


17 July, 2012onzehonden_tycho

Final result Dutch Open 2012:

1) Alberto Stern with Jimmy
2) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck with Glenn (-1 point)
3) Ron Snoeck with Blackie of Conquest (-2)(olf)

4) Patrick Palmeri with Cadorland Gil (-2)
5) Ron Snoeck with Conquest Kate (-2)


4 July, 2012

Kate managed to get placed for the Dutch team for the Continental Championships for the 3rd time in a row!

Not just Kate, but her litter brother Tom with handler Peter van Eekelen also got into the team.

A son of Kate and brother to our Gail, Gann, is running for the Hungarian national team for this year's Continental championships.


29 June, 2012

We are offering our Gail for sale to the right owner. We have been quite reluctant to sell her but now we have made the decision. For more information see the dogs for sale page and her individual page.


3 April, 2012

As all good things, puppy mania also must come to an end. Tomorrow two more pups of Kate and Tim will be leaving for their new homes. One will be flying all the way to Italy, the other one will travel to Germany. Their siblings went to Belgium (2 pups) and one stayed close to home here in the Netherlands. Of the Kate x Tim litter, this leaves us with our own Sky and her brother Bob, who will be travelling to Norway later this year but it is not quite certain when. Let's hope he will get to acclimatize before colder weather sets in, brr...

We wish all owners and their pups the very best of luck!

Also staying with us is Lucky, the pup that defied all odds after a rough start in life as the only one to survive from the litter of Flan and Blackie. She is very different from the pups we have of our Crystal line, both in appearance and in character. I am very much looking forward to see what will come of her.

Last but not least, we updated our website. Some may have already noticed our Mossie got her own site (and now also a link to her pedigree). Mossie is learning the basics at dazzling speed, she reminds us so much of Kate but with the very nice moves of Spot and his athleticism.


9 February, 2012

The pups of Kate and Tim are now 2 weeks old. They are doing terrific, they are satisfied and thus growing fast. First deworming was today and we took this opportunity for some new shap shots of them. To see the result check out the puppy page!


24 January, 2012

While Kate is puffing away we have finally managed to squeeze in some time to formally present the sire of the pups, Conquest Tim, to you!

We expect the pups later today. Photos will follow as soon as possible.


21 November, 2011

Change of plans!

Kate came into season before Flan and since it would be best timing with the trial season we will have her mated to Conquest Tim. More details follow on the puppy page.
We are thrilled about this combination as Kate not only comes from a great breeding line, but she also breeds her qualities in all her offspring. A litter of Kate and the father of Tim, Mitch, bred tremendous off spring doing very well in trials and work. Also, with this combination our most successful dogs of the last decennium (Nell, Kate, Mitch and indirectly Glenn) come together.

Flan will still be mated on her next season, but not with Tim as mentioned before, but with our own Black.

Since we have been quite ambiguous about our breeding plans, and plans for a litter of Kate only notified now, there is still a good chance of getting a pup out of these two combinations. Don't hesitate too long though, if you are interested because this could change overnight.


14 November, 2011

I have decided to post my thesis I wrote in 2010: "Comparative genetics of Epilepsy in humans, laboratory rodents and dogs" in an effort to show people the complexity of this disease in the most important species afflicted by this disorder (and because I promised I would from the time I finished it). If the biochemical information is a bit too much, just skip to the conclusions. ;)

This work is something I am quite proud of, because it won the prize for best bachelor veterinary thesis at the University of Utrecht in 2010 and received a honorable mention from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Utrecht.

If you want to contact me with regard to my thesis, please feel free to email me at



24 October, 2011

I think I need to reconsider my season detection skills, as Flan is NOT on heat yet. She will be though, we expect this to happen any time now. Will keep you posted on further details, when she IS actually on heat.

All pups of Gail and Blackie are now sold. We wish the owners lots of happiness with their newest addition to their pack and hope to see them somewhere in the future!

Unfortunately, we had to cut our holiday to the French Open short as Amy got sick. Ron did well with Black and had a first placing on the toughest field on Thursday morning. Flan was 2nd (after Aled Owen with Mac, had to say that lol) on field 3 on the Thursday afternoon trial. Glenn did very well on Saturday afternoon on field 3 but don't know the final result there. Kate started out well on field 3 but Ron and Kate were timed out at the shed. The biggest surprise was Ron's little Gail, who was tremendous in all 3 her runs but ran out of competition. Amazing how she has matured and how fit she was, considering her pups were just 10 weeks this weekend.

It was a very nice trial overall and had a good practice of my french. Thanks Sabine, Frederique and everyone else that made the trial a succes!


13 October, 2011

Little Nell has been sold to a terrific working home where she can finally release the energy that was boiled up in her for quite a while.


28 September, 2011

I've updated the puppy pictures with some pictures of pups in the litter and pictures of the last three dog pups to find a new home. Click here to see the pictures.

Yesterday I forgot to mention I also finally decided to sell my little Nell. It has not been an easy decision but we need to find her someone who will appreciate her work drive more than we can at the moment. Click here for more information on her.



27 September, 2011

Autumn clean up of the website! I have done a bit of rearranging the current and past dogs on photogallery and pictures of Black have finally been added. I am also planning to add pictures of Flan sometime in the future, if time allows.

Where does time go anyway? With a baby in the house time has been given a whole new value. If I can finish the day with a clean house and satisfied dogs in the kennel and a sleeping baby it means I've had no time to sit for more than a minute....and I'm even planning on getting a job in January...!

Oh yeah, 3 more dog pups of Black and Gail are still looking for an active home. They are truly awesome kiddos, I am struggling with the temptation to keep one myself!


12 august, 2011

Pups of Gail and Black are born! Still pups available, for more information click here!


9 February, 2011

A video of Black working sheep can be watched on his own page.

16 January, 2011

With great pride we present our beautiful baby girl!

AMY, born January 16 at 19:11!


12 January, 2011

Due to cancellation we now have two pups for sale out of the combination of our Kate and Kevin Evans' Spot. They are the predominantly white dog and bitch. More information on the 'pups and dogs for sale' section.


3 January, 2011

Our Gail finally has her own page!

I finally posted some pictures of the pups of Kate and Spot. They are by now 4 weeks old, very lively and outgoing with no fear of anything. We are too curious to see what comes of these little ones. Click here for the link to the pictures or go to the dogs for sale page.


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