22 December, 2010

Both Black and our own bred Gail have passed the hiptest, both have HD A, Norbergvalue 28!


9 December, 2010

It has finally happened! Kate her pups out of Kevin Evans' Spot were born on Monday 6 December.

It has turned out a very interesting litter. After the initial surprise of the first pup, a white pup with a classic mask and a spot on her butt, the next 4 pups were very boring (lol) quite dark tricolored or black and white.

The last one to come was a white dog with a classic marked black and white head and a black saddle on his back. He had to be convinced to come out, but has since made his mark as the big boy of the litter.

Total score: 3 dogs and 3 bitches, of which 2 tricolored dogs and 1 (black and) white dog; 1 tricolored bitch, 1 black-white bitch and one white (and some black) bitch pup.

Pictures will follow and some of you may already have seen pictures on Facebook. As soon as I can find a helping hand to keep the pups in place (pff, they're an active bunch) I will make portraits for everyone to see and so I will end this update with a cliffhanger.....;)


30 october, 2010

News update from the kennel. Too much has happened since the last news brought on so I will keep this in telegram style ;)

- Ron's new dog Black is DNA CEA normal! Check him out on his own page.
- Flan won the last World Trial qualification trial and is now eligible for registration on merit (ROM) with the ISDS
- Kate will most likely be having pups of Kevin Evans' Spot mid december. Check out the 'pups & dogs for sale' section for more details.
- We still have 1 lovely young dog for sale, check out the 'pups & dogs for sale' section.
- Since we will be expecting our own 'puppy' in January, we are forced to decline any future trainings or clinics at our house, until further notice.



12 june, 2010


Aggregate Dutch National 2010 champion!
Number 1 Continental 2010 team member!


this weekend also DUTCH OPEN 2010 winner!


14 june, 2010

Ron and Nell reached the 3rd place on the Dutch Championships 2010 of the BCCN! Also, Ron and Kate have won the overall season CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2009-2010 and Ron and Nell were runner up for the club championship. All in all a very succesful season!


10 may, 2010

Little Nell has won the promotionclass trial in Heerewaarden with 94/100 points. Flan came in 4th place with 89 points and with these results both dogs are promoted to the Continental Qualification Class (Open class)!

Top 3 (90 entries):

1) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck - Nell
2) Moes Akzhane - Jim
3) Gunther Breugelmans - Llangwm Mirk



30 april, 2010

Flan now has her own page, including a film of her working.


28 March, 2010

End result of the promotion class trial Dongen (27 entries):

1) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck - Flan - 91/100 pts
2) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck - Nell - 89 pts
3) Ellen van der Zweep - Bill - 88 pts

20 March, 2010

Final result of the Hanze Trial, Zwolle, class 2 trial (53 entries):

1) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck - Nell - 92/100 pts
2) Dorine Verhoef-Snoeck - Flan - 88 pts
3) Jan van Leeuwen - Maggie - 85 pts

8 March, 2010

At the moment we have 2 dogs for sale. Click here for details.

November 1, 2009

Final results 2nd Continental 2010 qualifyer:

Top 3:

1) Serge van der Zweep - Jim - 97 pts
2) Ron Snoeck - Kate - 97 pts
3) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 94 pts

Click here to see the run of Ron and Kate. Many thanks to bordercollie.eu!

October 4, 2009

Ron and Nell have won the first Continental qualifyer of the new trial season!

Top 3:

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 88 pts
2) Ellen van Hoorn - Twed - 87 pts
3) Ronnie van Huet - Buck - 87 pts

June 8, 2009

This weekend Ron competed at the Austrian Championships and did very well. He won the Open Class Trial with Nell and came in 2nd place at the novice trial with Tom.
It was a great trial with wonderful people and a tremendous venue. We thank the organisers very much for that!

May 17, 2009

It's been a very interesting weekend with a very happy ending!

This weekend has witnessed the last qualifying trial for the Continental Championships 2009 that will be held in Zwitserland in September. Ron had a more or less secure placing with his young Kate after getting in 2nd place at the qualifying trial 2 weeks before, but Dorine and Glenn were not yet in the safety zone.

To make a long (and nerve wrecking) story short, we are very pleased to report that both Glenn and Kate have made it to the Dutch team! What makes it even nicer is that Kate and Glenn both share the same mother (Crystal) and were born and raised on our farm. Glenn follows in his father Bill his footsteps. Bill was Continental Dutch team member in 2003.

April 9, 2009

On Saturday April 9 Jan gave birth to an enormous litter of 10 bitches and 2 dogs. The father is Glenn.

Pups available. If you are interested please let us know. The pups will be ISDS registered with the possibility of FCI registration. Pictures will follow soon.

April 6, 2009

A spring update:

The official trials season has started and along with all the puppies, young dogs in training and exams it has become incredibly hectic on the farm. Little Nellie has shown us she wants to stay as she has developed into a incredibly nice trials prospect and she will join Dorine's trial team.

The pups of Kate and Nell have grown tremendously. You will have to take my word on it as I haven't had time for new pictures as my exams have kept me quite busy lately. Sorry for that. I will try to make some pictures at the end of this week. This will almost be the goodbye pictures of some of the pups, as the first will be picked up at the end of this week.
On Wednesday Ron will keep the vet busy with the vaccinations, export health certificates and puppy passports. On Thursday the lady of the chips will give us a visit.

Only one bitch pup of Nell is still for sale. Who will give this pretty little lady a good home (picture)?

Penllwyn Jan was mated to Glenn and gave birth to a whooping 12 pups on the night of Friday to Saturday 4 April. Ten girls (tricolored and black and white) and 2 black and white dogs saw the light of day.

Last but not least, we still have 2 sheepdogs for sale that are dying to get to work: Kep and Jan.


February 28, 2009

I guess it's about time for an update on the latest here at Conquest Border Collies, as a lot has happened.

Our young dogs are developing nicely. Young Jan is starting to learn her sides and is doing a bit of driving and a small outrun. She is developing into a very classy yet determined little bitch who will make someone very happy in the future. Kep is lovely, but a little young to polish so he will remain on the sidelines for a bit (it's not like we don't have our hands full anyway). Trev is opening up and it looks like with a little time he will make a very fine dog. It was only a week ago that he decided he wouldn't have a stubborn ewe get her way and brought it back to her flock.
Little Nell made a wrong step on the field and was out of training for 1,5 week, but a little break has never done a young dog any harm and so now she is fired up to get back onto the field.

What else went on?

Kate gave birth to a sixtet last Sunday February 22 --> 5 bitches and 1 dog and so far it looks like all of them will have a good home when they leave us at 8 weeks old.

Nell has also pleased us with six pups last Friday morning February 27 -->4 bitches and 2 dogs. The X-ray a few days earlier revealed four pups, but two more decided to come out and boy did they want to come out. They're a lively bunch to say the least!

Furthermore, we thought it would be nice to give you a little update on how the last Nell x Mitch litter is doing now, so click on the puppy pictures of that litter to find out what they look like now (with some hints to what they're up to now).

Last but not least, I will try to give a weekly photographic update on the pups. It will not be an update on a set time of the week, so check back regularly.

february 2, 2009


Sheepdog holidays / personal or group sheepdog training with boarding facilities.

This is a unique opportunity to combine the best of two worlds: the peace of rural life in the central Green Heart of the Netherlands, sheepdog training combined with the excitement of city life in Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht, all within 30 minutes by car!

January 21, 2009

We have several very good dogs for sale at the moment. Check out our pups/young dogs section.

January 16, 2009

Our photoalbum has had a make-over. The photoalbums general, of Kate, Tom, Floss, Nell and Mitch have new pictures. They are in the Dutch language section, but hope to move these pictures to the English section soon.

January 13, 2009

We have a trained trial/work bitch for sale. Click here to see what she's all about.

December 18, 2008

Kate has been mated to Mitch. Pups are expected somewhere mid February 2009. Click here for more information.

November 23, 2008

Dorine and Tom come in 3rd place on their first promotion (novice) class trial after Tom's injury early August.

November 16, 2008

Ron and Nell win the Dutch National 2008! Ron and his young Kate came in 3rd place.

Top 3:

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell
2) Wiet van Dongen - Buff
3) Ron Snoeck - Conquest Kate


November 2, 2008

Dorine and Glenn have won the 2nd qualification trial for the Continental 2009. Ron and Kate came in 3rd place.

Top 3:

1) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn - 99 pts olf 49
2) Etiënne Smit - Joshua - 99 pts olf 48
3) Ron Snoeck - Kate - 98 pts

October 19, 2008

Dorine and Glenn win the double gather final of the Maurik Trial 2008.

October 5 , 2008

Dorine and Glenn came in 2nd place on the first Continental 2009 qualification trial.

Top 3:

1) Etiënne Smit - Joshua - 98 pt olf 50
2) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn - 98 pt olf 48
3) Etiënne Smit - Skip - 98 pt olf 47

September 14, 2008

A dream has come true! Ron and Nell have achieved 2nd place at the World Trials 2008 in Llandeilo, Wales!

Click here to see their finals run.

Mitch did great as well, achieving a place in the semi-finals. His run can be seen here.

We would like to thank everyone who sent Ron such kind emails congratulating him. :)

More info, pictures and results of the World Trials can be found here.

July 14, 2008

Ron and Nell won the Dutch Open 2008! Ron and Kate came in 2nd place on Sunday. Dorine and Tom achieved a 9th place overall and Glenn got in 10th place overall.

June 29, 2008

Dorine and Glenn achieved the 2nd place on the Anwerpen Classic 2008. Tom also did very well achieving an
12th position on his first big trial. The Antwerpen Classic is a 2-day trial with

Top 3 (58 entries):

1) John Pluta - Killibrae Joe
2) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn
3) Marc van Ransbeke - Plyn

June 11, 2008

We are very happy and proud to report Mitch, Nell, Kate, Tom and Glenn were all tested DNA CEA/CH normal!
This also means pups of our last litter of Nell and Mitch are all DNA CEA/CH normal by parentage.

April 15, 2008

Pictures of Tom have been added to his personal photogallery

March 21, 2008

Kate and Tom are both free for hereditary eye diseases

January 3, 2008

At the moment we have a nice semi-trained young bitch for sale. Click here for more information.

December 9, 2007

Both Ron and Dorine have made the World Trial 2008 Dutch Team, Ron with Nell and Mitch and Dorine with Glenn.

November 16, 2007

Today, Nell has become the mother of 5 healthy pups and Mitch is the proud father. They are 2 bitches and 3 dogs.
Mother and children are doing fine. Photos will be added to the pups section as soon as possible.

November 4, 2007

Ron and Nell have won the Continental Qualifyer in Zeeland (NB)! Ron and Kate came in 7nd place and win 4 qualifyer points on their first qualifying Open trial.

Top 3 (53 entries):

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 102 pt
2) Rene Schripsema - Jet - 94 pt
3) Etiënne Smit - Slane - 90 pt

October 20, 2007

Ron and Kate win the Dutch National 2007 for novice class dogs!

Top 3 (35 entries):

1) Ron Snoeck - Kate
2) Gabriëlle Brinkman - My Key Dog Megan
3) Lucille van Woerkom - Gabi

October 14, 2007

Ron and Mitch came in 2nd place at the Continental Qualifyer in Dongen. Ron and Nell came in 3rd and Dorine and Glenn in 7nd place. A great start of the new Continental qualification season!

Overall result (53 entries):

1) Kees Kromhout - Scott - 108 pts
2) Ron Snoeck - Mitch - 101 pts
3) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 100 pts

October 7, 2007

Ron and Kate have won the promotion trial in Dongen!

Final result (84 entries):

1) Ron Snoeck - Kate - 93 pts
2) Gabriëlle Brinkman - My Key Dog Megan - 89 pts
3) Johan de Jonge - Kim - 88 pts

September 30, 2007

Ron and Nell won the 2-day Dendertrial 2007 in Belgium and Ron and Mitch came in 4th place overall.

Overall ranking:

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell
2) John Pluta - Kilibrae Jake
3) Joris Broes - Zjell of the Kerry Hills
4) Ron Snoeck - Mitch

September 23, 2007

Ron and Nell have ended in 8th place in the supreme final of the Continental Championships 2007 in Norway! They also had a perfect score on their drive (40/40 points), which has never happened before in the history of the Continental championships.

July 29, 2007

Mr. E. Barfoot and Shep ISDS 272445 (sire W.A. Armstrong's Moss ISDS 259639), a son of our Nell, have qualified for the Irish National Team 2007.

We wish them the very best of luck on the International Championships!

July 18, 2007

Our young dogs, Tom and Kate now have their own webpage!

July 8, 2007

Ron and Mitch have come in 2nd place in the Dutch National Practical course 2007! Ron and Nell came in 4th place.

Top 3:

1) Tjitse Terpstra - Ben - 145 pts (175)
2) Ron Snoeck - Mitch - 141 pts
3) Ronnie van Huet - Buck - 136 pts

June 24, 2007

Ron and Nell have come in 2nd place in the BCCN Dutch National 2007! Ron and Mitch came in 6th place in the double gather final. The winning bitch Lass is a litter sister to our Nell.

End result (38 entries, 15 in final):

1) Serge van der Zweep - Lass - 137 pts (170)
2) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 128 pts
3) Kees Kromhout - Thor - 127 pts

June 10, 2007

Ron and Nell have made it into the Dutch Team for the Continental 2007 in Drammen, Norway! After a thrilling qualification trial in Spanbroek Ron and Nell got in 4rd place and debutees Dorine and Glenn in 7th place.

What is there to say about these 2 lovely dogs? They might be small but they can move mountains, well figuratively speaking...;)


June 4, 2007

After 2 years of hard work on a 600 sheep flock Bill has returned to us to enjoy his well-earned retirement.

Fly will follow in his footsteps and we hope this will offer her the opportunity to complete her training and become a well-rounded balanced sheepdog!

May 28, 2007

It has been a succesful weekend for us!

Not only did Ron and Nell come in 4th place and Dorine and Glenn in 6th place in the World Trial Qualifyer, but the next day Ron and Nell went on to win the double gather final of the Hekendorp Open and Dorine and Glenn came in 2nd.

End result Hekendorp Open 2007 Double gather Final

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 141 pts
2) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn - 141 pts (olf -1)
3) Thijs Gottmer - Meggie -133 pts

May 24, 2007

New pictures have been added to the photogaleries of Mitch, Nell and Fly.

May 20, 2007

Dorine and Glenn have won the promotion trial in Nieuwveen and have been promoted to the qualification (Open) class!

End result (92 entries):

1) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn - 92 pts (olf 48)
2) Michiel Poelenije - Ivy - 90 pts
3) Jack Duijf - Worf - 82 pts

March 4, 2007

Ron and Mitch have won the two-day two-run 2nd Hoenderloo Trial! Nell was runner-up.

Overall ranking (53 entries):

1) Ron Snoeck - Mitch - 168 pts
2) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 163 pts
3) Anita Hermes (GER) - Roy - 161 pts


February 25, 2007

Ron and Nell have won the WSL Trial in Halen (Belgium)!

Overall result (48 entries):

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 94 pts
2) Paul Wellemans - Ben - 92 pts
3) Pascal van Bets - Mirk - 91 pts

January 12, 2007

Ron and Nell have been invited to participate at the Soldier Hollow Classics 2007 sheepdog trial in Salt Lake City, Utah! He will also be running at the Meeker Classic 2007 in Meeker, Colorado.


The links page has been adjusted. New categories and some new links have been added.

December 2, 2006

A litter of pups from Nell and Mitch is planned autumn/winter 2007. If you are interested in one of the pups, please let us know through e-mail/telephone.

October 21, 2006

The page 'Demonstrations and clinics' has been replaced by a new page 'Activities'. On this page you will find more information on demonstrations as well as sheepdog clinics and training which is now a possibility at kennel Conquest!

October 15, 2006

Dorine en Glenn have won the Dutch National 2006 novice class! On Sunday Ron and Nell completed the party by becoming the winners of the Dutch National 2006 Open class!

Final results Dutch National novice class:

1) Dorine Verhoef - Glenn - 81 pts
2) Tonny Sigger - Guus - 76 pts
3) Piet Kokke - Rob - 73 pts

Final results Dutch National open class:

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 97 pts
2) Etiënne Smit - Skip - 96 pts
3) John Jansen - Fly - 94 pts



September 24, 2006

Ron has had a successful weekend in Belgium at the two day Denderstreek Trial, with Mitch and Nell. Nell came in first and Mitch in second place!

Final result Open class Denderstreek Trial:

1) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 187 points
2) Ron Snoeck - Mitch - 185 points
3) Eliane Verboven (B) - Flor - 183 points

Dorine and Glenn also gained a little success by ending in first place in Novice class on Sunday, with 92 points (runner-up had 79 points). Because they had already run in Open class on Saturday, this result was out of competition.


September 6 , 2006

We are moving to a new location! We will move in around mid October. Our new address is:

Teckop 44
3471 HJ Kamerik

Kamerik is beautifully situated in rural South-Holland and is quite popular with tourists with an affinity to Dutch country life.


This winter we will also be offering sheep dog training sessions for dogs of all abilities and all ages. More info will follow soon.


August 20 , 2006

Glenn has become 4th in the final of the BCCN Dutch National Novice class 2006, with 78 points!

Endresult final:

1) Etiënne Smit - Slane - 101 points
2) Jack Duijf - Worff - 96 points
3) Herman Rooyakkers - Fly - 84 points


July 23 , 2006

Ron has become 2nd in the challenging 700 yards final of the Cotswold Open in Eastington, England, with Nell.

Overall ranking final:

1) Wilf Reed - Cap - 100/120 points
2) Ron Snoeck - Nell - 85/120 points
3) Tom Lawrenson - Spot - 84/120 points

July 15 , 2006

Ron has won the Delwyn Jones Memorial Cup for the best qualifying run in the Welsh National qualifier in Selattyn, North-Wales, with Nell. The next day Ron got a 7nd place in the double gather final.

Overall ranking final:

1) Kevin Evans - Zac
2) Thimothy Longton - Jake
3) Nigel Watkins - Floss


July 9 , 2006

Ron has won the BBCC Antwerp Trial 2006 with Nell!

Overal ranking:

1) Ron Snoeck (NL) - Nell
2) Paul Wellemans (B) - Zepp
3) Paul Wellemans (B) - Ben

July 2 , 2006

Ron has won the Dutch Open 2006 with Nell!

Nell won the Saturday competition and Mitch came in 2nd place. On Sunday Nell was 2nd in the Sunday competition. Mitch was placed 9th in the overall ranking.
The Dutch Open is an international tournament with 100 competitors from 10 different European countries where every combination runs 2 times on two separate trial fields.

Overal ranking:

1) Ron Snoeck (NL) - Nell
2) Serge van der Zweep (NL) - Glen
3) Tony Ottesen (DK) - Tweed

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