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  Name: Blackie of Conquest
  Date of birth: 14 October 2007
  Color: Black and white
  Hipscore: HD A, Norberg value 28
  Eye examination

Clear of hereditary eye diseases

  Trial level: open class
  Pedigree: ISDS 00/294808
KCR AL0902437 (British Kennel Club)
NHSB (FCI) 2815128 (full registration)

Black came to us in autumn 2010 after having run with David Evans in the Open class season 2009-2010 in Wales. David and Black have had a tremendous season gaining most national points of all dogs qualified for the Welsh National 2010 and were only a minimal few points away from qualifying for the International Championships of 2010 in Ireland.

Black is a real eye catcher in every way, a good looking, very well built dog with a tremendous personality. Black is a very sharp and intense worker, fast on his feet, great stop with terrific scope on his outruns and a tremendous shedder. After settling in and getting used to Ron, he has won his first open trials, we have great hopes for him in the future!

Black was in 3rd place at the 2012 Dutch Open!

Black is fully registered with the Dutch, British Kennel Club and ISDS and available for stud.


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