Name: Conquest Gail
  Date of birth : 22-02-2009
  Color: Black & white
  Hipscore: HD A Norberg value 28 (= excellent)
  Eye examination :

Free of hereditary eye diseases
DNA CEA Normal

  Trial Level: Novice class
  Pedigree: ISDS NL/301172
NHSB G-1-2738835
  Pedigree details: Click here

Gail is our own bred youngster out of Kate and Mitch.

Gail is a beautiful, well built bitch with a very nice temperament. She looks a lot like Kate in the way she works sheep and she also listens like Kate. She is a natural outrunner like both her parents, has natural flanks and a very good balance with good feel for her sheep. She seems more intense than Kate, but has a good forward pace and is a keen shedder.

Gail is one of Ron's trial dogs.

Check out Gail running in a novice trial in the winter of 2011:



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