Name: Conquest Mossie
  Date of birth: 6-12-2010
  Color: Black and tan, smooth coated
  Hip score: HD A, Norberg value 40 (perfect hipscore)
  Eye exam : na
  DNA CEA status: normal
  Trial level: in basic training
  Pedigree (click here): ISDS ISDS NL/312175
    NHSB G-1-2820187

Mossie is our young own bred bitch out of Conquest Kate and successful Spot of Kevin Evans.

Mossie was, as they say, a tough cookie to break. Naturally gifted by an incredible dose of own initiative, great stamina and youthful stubbornness made initial training hard enough for it to take longer than we are used to. Now that she has given in training is progressing at a healthier pace and we hope, time allowing, to have her basic trained this spring.
It is hard to say anything about any future qualities, but for now she looks a talented youngster. She is a well built, long legged athletic bitch that runs easily with a very nice foward pace, she flanks well but never loses contact and is highly responsive. We will have to see what the future has in store.



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