Conquest Tim (ISDS NL/292904; NHSB G-1-2681028)


Health Results

Free of hereditary eye diseases

DNA CEA normal

Hipscore: HD A, Norberg value 40 (perfect hips!)


Tim (born november 2007) is one of our own bred sires. He is out of our successful Nell and Mitch. He is a litter brother of Anita Hermes' Conquest Mitch, who achieved a very respectable 9th place in the World Trial 2011 qualification round and ran in the Continental 2011 in Sweden as part of the German Continental team of 2011.

Tim himself is being used as a working dog on a 500+ flock in a nature reserve in the south of the Netherlands. He is a very athletic, strong dog with great focus, cool presence and big will to please. He has a very good way with sheep, reads them very well and has quiet power. He is equipped with natural flanks, good balance and is a very good listener.

Tim has bred keen, stylish and smart working dogs and we look forward to the combination with our Kate. A combination that promises reliable, cool headed working dogs with a fantastic temperament!


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