Dick Roper's Tom ISDS 246801


Most popular Stud Dog for the ISDS in 2006
2nd most popular Stud Dog for the ISDS in 2005

3rd English National 2008
4th English National 2007
7th International Supreme 2006
4th Qualification International 2006
13th English National 2006
1st Hebredian Cup, title of "Lord of the Isles" in Scotland
1st Wiston National Open 2006
13th at World Trial qualification 2005
5th at 2004 International Supreme Championship
4th at 2004 English National
11th at 2004 International Qualification Trial
2004 "W.R. Seward"; 3th English Aggregate Championship Cup;
2004 "Arther Grounds" English Driving Champion Trophy;
>16th at 2003 English National


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